Arbor Week Experiences: May 21st - 29th 2022

Arbor Week 2022 was a busy week. We had lots of generous offers from the community for support through funding, participation and leadership roles. We celebrated trees through planting, arts and culture, and educational activities. There were 20 free events open to the public. Other events were also happening with youth organizations doing their own tree planting projects.

Both the City of Saskatoon and the Province of Saskatchewan recognized Arbor Week with official proclamations. City Councillor Bev Dubois and Saskatoon Nutana MLA Erica Ritchie were both in attendance for our tree planting event.

Our theme 'Trees Breathe Life' had several connotations. Our changing climate and the welfare of our trees within this change is a steep learning curve. What should we plant for the future and how do we get enough tree canopy over our towns and cities to keep us cool? The theme also implies that we all need trees for the carbon they take in and the oxygen they give off. Wildlife relies on them too for food and habitat. In other words we need trees more than they need us.

Other events that took place were a film night at the Remai Art Gallery and numerous educational sessions at Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation site. A photography class focusing on trees was inspirational for those looking to improve their skills. Some groups who did their own educational events for students including tree planting were Brightwater Ecoscience and Indigenous Learning Centre, Wild Outside, and One Tree One Farm.

Thank you to all of our supporters who generously gave funds and time to make this week a success. The funding was essential for spreading the word through media, purchasing trees, planting equipment, promotional materials, and educational signage.

Read the details of all 2022 Arbor Week Events that took place:


A planting ceremony was held at the Ukrainian Museum of Canada dedicated to the Ukrainian Community. Trees represent peace, hope and life - something Ukrainians long for at this time. SOS Trees planted three High Bush Cranberry, an important plant for the Ukrainian Culture.
Tree Planting Ceremony at Ukrainian Musuem


Partnering with SOS Trees today to end off their Arbor Week, Sunnyside received and planted 30 fruit trees! Some of these trees included plum, cherry, apricot, saskatoon berry, apple, and pear! We couldn't have done this without the incredible support and sponsorship of Dutch Growers and One Tree Planted A special thanks to every volunteer who came out to support this project. Not only will these fruit trees bring life and beauty to the grounds - they also produce fruit that the community and residents of Sunnyside can enjoy as well as opportunities for learning about the care and pruning of these trees. (Posted by Sunnyside Adventist Care Centre) Tree Planters


The tree planting event with Meewasin Valley Authority was held near the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan site. Thanks to the Meewasin crew for hosting this event for Arbor Week. We had lots of volunteer hands with a class from St. Frances Cree Bilingual School, Erika Ritchie (NDP MLA for Saskatoon Nutana) and SOS Trees members.
Planting crew for Meewasin planting


Last night's Spirituality event in the trees was a big hit. It turns out, lots of people view trees as an important part of their need for being in nature for enlightenment, mental health, and reflection. One take away from this was 'We could view trees as relatives and not just resources'. We need to appreciate them for all that they do. The weather was perfect and as we sat there sharing thoughts on how we became interested in trees and when we were first inspired by them, a beautiful deer walked out of the woods and hung around right behind us. Thanks to Rev. Shawn Sanford Beck from St. Andrews College for facilitating this event.
Trees and Spirituality workshop

Plein Art Drawing and Painting

Arbor Week sketching in Gabriel Dumont Park with artist Jean Dudley. Two sessions were held during the week.
Plein Air workshop

Arbour Crest Tree Pruning Workshop

One of the most popular events during Arbor Week was the pruning workshop. Robyn Adair from Arbour Crest Tree service reviewed all of the equipment used for pruning and gave participants a chance to try out proper pruning skills. They learnt how to remove dead, correct pruning cuts and how to shape a tree. This was an informative and fun morning for all!
Arbour Crest workshop


Rev. Shawn Sanford Beck (known as the Green Priest) lead this workshop using a form of spirituality which utilizes breathing, prayer, body movement and the active imagination as a way to connect with and bless the natural world around us. This is an intriguing way to see the power of nature in a different light.

Watch the video by Yvan Lebel: